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About Ecology Director Maia Bellon

Ecology Director, Maia Bellon
Ecology Director Maia Bellon

Maia Bellon is known for forging creative partnerships, and is committed to innovative solutions for the most controversial environmental challenges we face today. When you meet Maia, you will quickly learn that she believes anything is possible.

"I was brought up in a Native American culture that looks seven generations ahead. That’s how I approach this work to protect and restore our land, air and water that we borrow from future generations," Maia says.

"It's not just what we do, but how we do it and with whom. I would describe my first couple of years as director in two words – innovative partnerships. Innovative partnerships that stretch from business to conservation groups, from ranchers to dairy farmers and other agricultural producers, to government agencies and tribes.

We may have our differences on how to sustain a healthy environment in harmony with a strong economy, but we are finding creative ways to work together because we have a shared vision. That shared vision is quality of life – quality of life for our children, and grandchildren and the seven generations ahead."

Not surprisingly, Maia’s proudest role is that of Talia’s mom. Along with her husband Bill, she wants their 11-year-old daughter to have all the opportunities and experiences that every young Washingtonian should have.

Maia was appointed Ecology Director by Gov. Jay Inslee in February 2013. She is honored and humbled to serve Washington state.

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