UPDATE: Ecology's new website will be live on Monday morning! Our official web address will be https://ecology.wa.gov

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About Us


Ecology’s mission is to protect, preserve and enhance Washington’s environment for current and future generations. To meet our mission, we take accountability very seriously by having clear expectations, goals, and targets to achieve.  

Our building blocks to accountability

Results Washington

Results Washington is Governor Inslee's innovative and data-driven approach to governing.  The Governor's strategic framework has five goals.:

  • World-class education
  • Prosperous economy
  • Sustainable energy & clean environment
  • Healthy & safe communities
  • Efficient, effective & accountable government

Each goal is assigned to a goal council made up of state agency executive leaders that collaborate to meet the goals.  Each goal council has two results reviews with Governor Inslee.  Ecology's work falls into Goal 3: Sustainable Energy & a Clean Environment and Goal 5, Efficient, Effective and Accountable Government. You can watch the results reviews on TVW's archives.  Look for Governor's Results Washington Initiative.

Learn more about Results Washington.

Sustainability at Ecology

Ecology's Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) 2014 Report on Sustainability ]


Ecology is undertaking a comprehensive e-business effort.

Working with the EPA

Environmental Performance Partnership Agreement


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